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Case Study

Case Study on the Cost-Efficacy of Droff GPS Trackers
The Unmatched Effectiveness of Droff GPS Trackers

  • Droff GPS Trackers is a powerful and potent Satellite based GPS Vehicle Tracking System which provides comprehensive yet simple solutions in fleet management at a viable cost. The initial investment can be as low as $200 and passive tracking accrues no constant costs.
  • Fleet management is easier, simplified and efficient with tools provided by Droff GPS Trackers to fleet managers.
  • It be customized according to user requirements who have the option to choose between real time trackers or the several Droff GPS Trackers data loggers.

Our GPS vehicle tracking system utilizes contemporary satellite technology which can provide a complete record of vehicular activity along with details of the real time location of the vehicle. We have a professional team of experts who are capable of installing the Droff GPS Tracking units quickly and properly. The equipment is tamper free and possesses no open wires or antennas and has the ability to transmit data to the Droff GPS Tracking system every 10 seconds. This information can be accessed round the clock using the internet from anywhere in the world.

You Can Now Increase The Profitability Of Your Company Through Constant Vigilance Over Every Vehicle And Driver Using Droff GPS Tracking System And Save Thousands Of Dollars

  • It provides the exact location on Google Map
  • It has the ability to work anywhere in the world
  • The tracking process is instantaneous

Detailed reports cover divergent aspects including routes taken, mileage, time of idling engine and over speeding and are further supplemented by management oriented summary reports of the entire fleet.

Making the Decision for Installation:

If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you may have considered installing Droff GPS Tracking System for several years but have invariably hesitated. A few questions that may arise in your mind are:

  • Will it actually make any difference?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • How will I inform the drivers about the implementation of the system?

“I Wish I had got it before..”, is the reaction we have received from hundreds of satisfied clients over the past years who have all observed the instant and significant improvement in efficiency and management of their fleet operations.

When we first began the installation process, many owners shied away due to the confusion which surrounds the process. Their competitors however managed to build up distinct advantages due to their wiser choice of installation. The confusion which hampers the decision is most often caused due to the innumerable advertisements and sales representation of diverse products in the range. It is an in-vehicle system which is capable of providing you with the required real time information which is instantaneous and reliable. The in-vehicle based systems are easier to install and are capable of recovering their costs within less than 90 days.