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At Drofftech, we provide fleet management hardware systems that can track and monitor your vehicles at all points in time. The hardware can be broadly classified into 3 categories


Built for small, but strong, vehicles and also motorcycles, these devices are built to work even in unfavorable weather conditions that include high temperatures and overloading. The basic device is also equipped with its own battery that allows it work even without a power source. On the whole, it is technologically more powerful and robust than a standard GPS tracker.

Recommended for:
  • Fleet management, Tracking
  • Route and order optimization
  • To obtain real time statistics of a vehicle including speed, location, engine state, SOS, wiretapping.


These devices enable the user to collect more statistics such as mileage, fuel consumption, air-conditioning on/off, door opened/closed and rash driving alerts. Like the basic version, these devices too are highly robust with continued operation under heavy pressure and unfavorable weather and also come with their own power supply.

Recommended for:
  • Fleet management, Tracking
  • Route and order optimization
  • Fuel control and monitoring
  • Eco-Drive
  • Temperature control
  • Monitoring driver behavior and driving patterns

Drofftech Professional

Drofftech Professional is a professional level GPS tracker designed for different types of heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, agriculture, building and other special machinery. Device purpose is to track and monitor vehicle and its activity parameters. Despite the data provided by GPS tracking this device also obtains vehicles on-board computer (CANbus) data from FMS and J1708 standards.

Best used for:

  • Fleet monitoring and control
  • Route and order optimization
  • Fuel control and management
  • Eco-Driving style implementation
  • Temperature control

Due to RS232 and RS485 ports ability to work at the same FM-Pro4 can be connected with up 12 fuel level sensors ensuring the best fuel monitoring and control. Moreover this device is equipped with 1- Wire interface that allows to install additional accessories related to vehicles safety and control improvement.

Being reliable and functional Drofftech Professional series will reduce daily vehicle related costs, save employees time and improve overall business results.

Drofftech Professional functionalities:

  • Driver behaviour monitoring (Eco-Drive)
  • On-board computer data reading (CANbus: J1708, FMS)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Driver registration and identification
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Internal Geozones
  • Antijamming
  • Various features via SMS