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Sales / Service Vehicle Tracking

Drofftech is a next generation web-based GPS-powered platform which provides an ideal solution to track and monitor the Sales/Service vehicles that carry employees, products and Services on the road.

Service Delivery, Truck and Bus Tracking

Being an owner or a fleet manager of a transportation company, you must be aware that customer service and fleet efficiency result in the financial success of your service delivery and trucking business.

Personal Tracking

Drofftech finds a variety of reasons which may lead you needful of personal tracking devices. Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related, we provide a cost effective live GPS...

Motorcycle Tracking

A number of companies use motorcycles or scooters for their sales or delivery staff. Drofftech provides them with Motorcycle Tracking Devices to enhance their business. Using your tracker device which is connected...

Asset Tracking

Asset protection has long been the driving force behind any business. Drofftech’s GPS based asset tracking device is an invaluable tool in understanding every aspect of your asset’s current situation, giving you the...

School Bus Tracking

Drofftech provides a detailed real-time insight into Bus Tracking System , school bus operations including the status of students carried by the Bus, accurate performance control, installation of additional safety features (CCTV)...

Sea Fleet Monitoring

Efficient sea fleet tracking system utilizing cutting-edge GPS, radar, and satellite technologies for real-time monitoring of vessels, ensuring enhanced maritime safety, security, and operational efficiency.

Covert Tracking

Stealthy covert tracking solutions employing advanced technologies to discreetly monitor and trace targets, maximizing surveillance effectiveness while maintaining a low profile.

Fuel Monitoring

Comprehensive fuel monitoring system utilizing sensor technology and data analytics to provide real-time insights into fuel consumption, promoting cost efficiency, and optimizing fleet management for industries reliant on fuel-powered vehicles.

Waste Fleet Monitoring

Streamlined monitoring solution for efficient and optimized garbage truck operations, enhancing waste management processes and environmental sustainability.

Speed Limiter

Intelligent speed limiter system designed to enhance road safety by restricting vehicle speed within defined limits, promoting responsible driving, and reducing the risk of accidents.

Face Recognition

Mobile app with cutting-edge face recognition technology for swift identification of blacklisted individuals, bolstering security efforts and aiding in the proactive tracing of unauthorized persons.

Robotic Solutions

Innovative robotic solutions transforming traditional room service by deploying autonomous robots for efficient and contactless delivery, enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency in hospitality.

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced technology that empowers machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, enabling capabilities such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and adaptation.

Time & Attendance

Streamlined time attendance system through a mobile app, offering convenient clock-in/out features, real-time tracking, and efficient workforce management for enhanced productivity and accountability.